Even if you're as brilliant as Newton...

«[...] something fundamental thats going on in peoples minds when they confront things they don't understand. And it happens to the greatest of the minds as it happens to every one else - many if not most people in the public.» (00:22:30)

«What concerns me now is: even if you're as brilliant as Newton you reach a point where you start basking in the majesty of god and then your discovery stops. It just stops. You're kind of no good anymore for advancing that frontier waiting for somebody else to come behind you who doesn't has god on the brain and who says: "That's a really cool problem I want to solve it."» (00:20:50)

«An article on that data recently in nature. It said 85% of the national academy [of sciences] reject a personal god and then they compare it to 90% of the public [who believe in god]. You know thats not the story there. They missed the story. What that article should have said is: "How come this number isn't zero?"» (00:13:10)

00:32:10 Stupid Design - The "design" of the world is not the best you can think of.

«... republicans above all else do not want to die poor. So there is a limit to how far this [intelligent design movement] will go. [...] I'm not worried because it's a republican judge [in reference to the dover trial]. And [...] if you put people who are not making discoveries in the science classroom that is the end of your future economy.» (00:38:22)

- Neil deGrasse Tyson, Beyond Belief, Session II:

01:04:00 Sam Harris: false dichtonomy: love - reason

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