Fixing websites with Userscripts: Heise Preisvergleich

My boss uses Heises Preisvergleich a lot. It's a (to me somewhat awkward UI/UX-wise) german price comparison page. Typical german verbosity you might think. After all even in law "Germans rarely find a rule they don't want to embrace" as the Telegraph writes. That should give you a pretty good idea what our price comparison sites look like...

But we're not all that way :-) So we tried to fix it ourselves. It turns out there are some nice ways of doing that since the web is still free and open (will that die away with WebAssembly?).

We were mainly interested in the specification part of the site, where they list things like CPU and RAM. Since my boss is quite a Firefox fan I wrote a Greasemonkey script. It starts to run when the page has fully loaded and then replaces and transforms specification text passages using Regex. On my first try I made the error to really parse the HTML. After some time Cpt. Obvious hit me and made me use Regular Expressions to simply search and replace. That is a screenshot of the result (red marks changes introduced by my script; a dash means something got erased, just imagine a loat of bloat text where the dashes are):

Fix heise preisvergleich Greasmonkey result

You can find all the code and some help setting up your development environment in the Github repository.

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