How George Carlin Made Legal History

«For instance, here in the United States […] the Federal Communications Commission has a list of Seven Forbidden Words which nobody may speak on the radio or television.

When comedian George Carlin made a record […] WBAI radio (New York) played the record, and received a fine […]

fighting the case, which went all the way to the Supreme Court […] The highest court in the land has actually ruled on what comedians may and may not joke about. […]

The words have been forbidden, "our" Government says, because they "are" "indecent".» - Robert Anton Wilson, How George Carlin Made Legal History, 1983

«In follow-up rulings, the Supreme Court clarified that the words might be acceptable under certain circumstances, particularly at times when children would not be expected to be in the audience.», «Current practice is to allow the statement to stand but bleep censor the actual word.» - Wikipedia, Seven dirty words

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George Carlin passed away died on 22nd June, 2008.

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