My favorite VPN anonymizers (a feature comparison)

(I will keep this post updated.)

I am currently trying out IPredator and IVPN. I know about IPredator since quite a while and are quite fond of their webpage and stuff they link to. They just stood out among all those more "plainly commercial looking" VPNs out there.

Then I discovered IVPN when I searched for "vpn chaining" and found an interesting looking article out of their even more interesting looking privacy guides-series.

Good looking VPN providers

In the long run I would like to test, use, chain all of the following companies' VPNs. As their offers all look quite good I try to give some overview on how they compare in detail.

  • blackVPN
    • Hong Kong
    • ~13$ (~6.8$ if only one fixed endpoint)
    • EFF member
    • Endpoint chooseable
    • up to 3 connections
  • HIDEme
    • Hong Kong
    • 20$
    • Port forwarding
    • Endpoint chooseable
    • up to 5 connections
  • IPredator
    • Sweden
    • 8$
    • Host a fast Tor exit node.
  • IVPN
    • Malta
    • 15$
    • VPN can optionally be routed through two different countries before accessing the internet ("multihop")
    • EFF member
    • Port forwarding
    • Endpoint chooseable
    • up to 3 connections (more on founded request)
    • Limits P2P to all non-US endpoints
    • Some speedtests
    • "If it ever becomes required by law for us to keep a persistent log of our customers connections or any personal data relating to their network activity, we will immediately notify our customers and do everything in our power to move jurisdictions or close the service to protect those who entrust their privacy to us." [src]
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