OpenNic DNS in Ubuntu

OpenNic is a democratically organzied alternate DNS root that expands the classical privatly organized ICANN root.

That means if you set up OpenNic you not only have access to all the classical top level domains (TLDs) like .com and .org organzied by ICANN but also to .geek, .oss, .free and a few others provided by OpenNic.

New TLDs are decided upon in a 50% + 1 voice fashion. Other decisions may be delegated to experts but can always be escalated to a 50% + 1 vote. More on that here.

Let's set up OpenNic in Ubuntu Linux!

In following tutorial we will not "hard code" the new DNS servers into our system (like they do in the offical tutorial). That means that we have to set up OpenNic for every network connection we want to use it with but it also gives us a bit more flexibility, an easier way of adjusting settings if a DNS server becomes unavailable and we do not have to use super user credentials.

Hint: If you use a VPN, just perform the following steps for your VPN connection instead your wifi/ethernet connection.

  1. Click on your wifi-symbol in the top right and then Edit Connections…:

  2. Click on the network for which you want to set up OpenNic so that it gets highlighted and then click Edit… on the right:

  3. Select the fourth tab named IPv4 Settings and then in the "Method:"-dropdown Automatic (DHCP) address only:

  4. Go to OpenNics nearest-servers site. Copy and paste two or more of the suggested IP addresses into the DNS servers: field. Separate the IP addresses by comma:

  5. Hit Save… and close all opened dialoges.

  6. (Re-)connect to the network and test your connection eg. with grep.geek.

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