Rearrange email accounts in Thunderbird on Ubuntu

Thunderbird does not provide a convenient way to change the order in which your email accounts are listed. They just appear in the order they have been set up in.

To change that you have a few options (e.g. via a plugin or via the config editor) of which I like the following the most because it's the most rudimentary way:

  1. Close Thunderbird
  2. Open your filebrowser e.g. by:
    SUPER + a, then type nautilus and hit ENTER.
  3. Browse to your Thunderbird folder:
    Press CTRL + l enter ~/.thunderbird, press Enter.
  4. Open the folder with the cryptic name that ends with .default.
  5. Open the preferences file:
    Just type prefs.js and hit Enter.
  6. Find the relevant entry:
    Press CTRL + f, enter accountmanager.accounts.
  7. What you fill find looks a bit like this:

    The accountsX,accountsY,accountsZ-part corresponds to your accounts list in Thunderbird.
    Just rearrange.

  8. Save and open up Thunderbird.
  9. If the order did not turn out like you wanted, close Thunderbird again and repeat the last steps.
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Written by Per

Free software enthusiast and transhumanist residing in Stuttgart, Germany.

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