Send files directly p2p and e2e encrypted

Start a fully meshed network by passing on the generated link and share files peer-to-peer and end-to-end encrypted powered by WebRTC!

  • Works fully in the browser using WebRTC.
  • Mesh swarms can be started by opening the site. A "mesh URL" is generated to be passed around.
  • The mesh URL contains a password. All files mesh will be sent end-to-end encrypted.
  • Swarms can be joined by opening the mesh URL.
  • Swarm form fully meshed networks (n:n) using webrtc-swarm.
  • WebRTC signaling data is exchanged via signalhub.

Files will not be propagated among peers. The peers that initates a transfer will send the file to every connected peer individually.

The sourcecode is available at the Github repository.

Click the image to open the demo: peermesh

  • peertransfer Peertransfer is a (1:n) WebRTC based file transfer tool. Compared to peermesh it encodes a authentication code into the "sharing URL" that is passed around and will not initiate WebRTC signaling if the code is missing or wrong.


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