Set up Technisat SkyStar HD on a RaspberryPi

The Technisat SkyStar HD is a USB pluggable DVB-S receiver. It's one of the cheapest and works under Linux. They advertise Linux support by having Tux on their packaging - one needs to pull the firmware file from a third party site nonetheless :-/

  1. Install Raspbian (at the time of writing: wheezy) e.g. via Noobs.
  2. Download the firmware and move it to:
  3. To get the SkyStar HD working we need to update the kernel:
    sudo rpi-update
  4. Plug in the device.
  5. Now dmesg should yield inter alia:
    [ xxxx.xxxxxx] dvb-usb: Technisat SkyStar USB HD (DVB-S/S2) successfully initialized and connected.
  6. Set up either Tvheadend or VDR. I wrote a tutorial for Tvheadend here.

Valuable ressources:
- LinuxTV: Technisat SkyStar USB HD

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