Swap not available in Ubuntu 14.04

Ubuntu 14.04 does not mount the Swap automatically when using Ubuntus EncryptedHome feature. That's an issue because if the Swap is unavailable then your system can freeze if your RAM become full.

The fix seems to be quick and easy:

  1. Open a terminal:
    STRG + ALT + t
  2. Open fstab:
    less /etc/fstab
  3. Find out where the swap resides:
    In the last half look for the part that reads like:
    # swap was on /dev/sd...
  4. Copy the swap path:
    Highlight the /dev/sd... part and press SHIFT + CTRL + c
  5. Close fstab:
    Press q
  6. Open the crypttab file:
    sudo nano /etc/crypttab
  7. Delete the long UUID=... part.
  8. Insert the swap path as a replacement:
    SHIFT + CTRL + v
  9. Reboot

Impulse for the solution:
1. Working solution with unnecessary steps but the core idea:
   Will this solve the encrypted swap file problem in 14.04? (ubuntuforums.org)

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