External hard drive with enclosure and docking station

I tried to find a external hard drive (SSD/HDD) that can be connected via a docking station using USB 3.0 and have a drive enclosure so that the drive is well protected. I was primarily interested in 2.5 inch drives.

Seagate once offered the good "Free Agent" 2.5" model together with the "Free Agent Go Dock" docking station. But that's in the past.

It seem we won't get lucky currently if we're not a bit flexible. So here is the list of devices I found. I highlighted the bad properties - and there is always one. Only looked for devices that are available on the european market.

  • Seagate GoFlex Desk
    1x 3.5", USB 3.0
  • Seagate GoFlex Home
    1x 3.5", USB 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet
  • Seagate GoFlex Net
    2x 2.5", USB 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet

Backup, extract serial and remove/replace Windows

Maybe you have bought a "'puter", maybe even a mobile one, and most certainly they have force-sold you a operation system that fits the dull-wittedness of the world. But then somehow reason creeps back in and starts annoying you... and then you just cannot can't switch to linux.

So here you go:

  1. Spare you the hassle of talking to those "'puter"-guys at the local computer-discounter-monster-store in the case of warranty issues and backup the disk image of your freshly bought and so called self-enslavement operation system:
    • Plug a bootable USB stick and boot your favorite Linux.
    • Plug/mount/use the current USB stick to dd your drive:
      sudo dd if=[DEVICE_FILE] of=[BACKUP_FILE] bs=4M
  2. Get your Windows serial out[1] - remember what they say: "one mans trash..."
  3. Hopefully never: Restore the diskimage if you have a warranty case. Just repeat step one and swap if= and of= values.

And remember: always have a second device that runs SomaFMs Defcon Radio. 👍

[1]: sudo cat /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/MSDM