DTN conference in Berlin

Just wanted to take a few lines and reflect upon the the DTN conference that took place on the 23. and 24. of March in Berlin. Thinking back now still inspires me tremendously. I got there totally by accident and actually with a bit of a hearing loss. I was in the city and wanted to spend the night there, so I hung around in the C-Base where I met Cryptix and a friend of his. They were talking about JS and stuff so we got talking. They pointed out to me that there is this nice conference taking place just that weekend. Nice I thought, I need to go there. At 4 o'clock I left the C-Base for Tresor and danced through the night.

Reaching DTN the other morning after some breakfast and googling for hearing loss treatments I seeked out the organizers and had my first nice conversation at the event with Ksenya Serova. Somehow I passed through her screening beeing quite a bit impressed with her cool and analytical attitude. Then a few coffees later the next (maybe first that day) talk commenced. Chatting with my then boss Thomas Waldmann I found out that he actually knows one guy from the DTN lineup: Holger Krekel. We exchanged a few words, email addresses and I felt like this was the perfect start. Such a kind human beeing.

The one guy I was most thrilled to see around beforehand was Feross Aboukhadijeh. That's the guy that implemented BitTorrent in JS! At least I wanted to exchange some word, how ever trivial they would be. And I guess that is the point about the DTN (and really all those hackermeetups) right there: there hardly is a "trivial" - Ideas, Inspiration and Ideals become alive through all those short moments of shared experience. Suddenly the singular beeing, the Neuromancer, as so nicely portraid by Calib James DeLisle (who was not at the DTN) becomes a vibrant social beeing.

I enjoyed meeting Holger and getting to know David Göthberg through some moving personal stories. I enjoyed ranting about freedom and resistance with Andrew Davis and realized only a couple of days later what extrordinary cool stuff is beeing pushed forward by Juan Benet. Leaving the group late into the last evening getting a hug from the interesting Paige Peterson - *wuhuu* - made for quite a nice ending.

PS: And just over the last days I started to play around with tools written by Mathias Buus and even exchange a few small ideas.

DTN Conference Berlin