Backup, extract serial and remove/replace Windows

Maybe you have bought a "'puter", maybe even a mobile one, and most certainly they have force-sold you a operation system that fits the dull-wittedness of the world. But then somehow reason creeps back in and starts annoying you... and then you just cannot can't switch to linux.

So here you go:

  1. Spare you the hassle of talking to those "'puter"-guys at the local computer-discounter-monster-store in the case of warranty issues and backup the disk image of your freshly bought and so called self-enslavement operation system:
    • Plug a bootable USB stick and boot your favorite Linux.
    • Plug/mount/use the current USB stick to dd your drive:
      sudo dd if=[DEVICE_FILE] of=[BACKUP_FILE] bs=4M
  2. Get your Windows serial out[1] - remember what they say: "one mans trash..."
  3. Hopefully never: Restore the diskimage if you have a warranty case. Just repeat step one and swap if= and of= values.

And remember: always have a second device that runs SomaFMs Defcon Radio. 👍

[1]: sudo cat /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/MSDM